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Preview ride on Test Track at Epcot
WDW International Program
Andrew's info site on Disney's International Program
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Tasha & Killian's website
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Saito Family News Index

Saito Family News Home page
This page - the Home/Index/Info/Updates page for our News

1998 News

Saito Family News - January 98
Christmas vacation in Florida; trip details
Saito Family News - February 98
Florida tornadoes, Andrew's visit, Florida Favs
Saito Family News - March 98
March break; Preview visit to Animal Kingdom; WDW Hotels
Saito News - March 98 Pics 1 DAK
Personal pics from our Disney's Animal Kingdom trip.
Saito News - March 98 Pics 2 Home
Home pictures from March 21&22 (the snowstorm) +
Saito Family News - April 98
Saito Family News - May 98
Saito Family News - June 98
Pics of family dinner party
Saito Family News - July 98
Jenny's Prom
Saito Family News - August 98
Killian's arrival
Killian's pics
Killian's pictures page - full site. If problems try the split site below
Killian's pics page 1
Alternate Killian picture site - split into 3 pages.
Saito Family News - September 98
Andrew's home; to Laurier. Killian grows.
Saito Family News - October 98
Trip to WUSV in Boston; Puppyfest
Saito Family News - November 98
Halloween, flyball, family reunion; Jenny's job.
Saito Family News - December 98
Andrew's Florida trip; Xmas preparations.

1999 News

Saito Family News - January 99
New Years, Andrew in UK/Paris, Engagement; Snow!
Saito Family News - February 99
Kelly visits
Saito Family News - March 99
March break
Saito Family News - April 99
Andrew surprises Kelly
Saito Family News - May/June 99
Saito Family News - July 99
Pat's big trip; Schutzhund field work; Andrew in Venice.
Saito Family News - August 99
Andrew's back in Florida;
Saito Family News - October/November/December 99
Andrew on Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder

2000 News

Saito Family News - January/February/March 2000
Andrew starts cruising again; Jenny, Katy, Laura & Ron cruise; Andrew to Wales.
Saito Family News - April/May/June 2000
The family visits Wales for the engagement party
Saito Family News - July/August/September 2000
Kelly's parents visit; Ron to Tokyo; Pat's campaign starts
Saito Family News - October/November/December 2000
Pat wins re-election; Ron to Seoul

2001 News

Saito Family News - January/February/March 2001
Pat suffers a tough break
Saito Family News - April/May/June 2001
The wedding; receptions in Wales and Mississauga
Saito Family News - July/August/September 2001
Pat & Ron visit Oz; Kelly & Andrew's honeymoon
Saito Family News - October/November/December 2001
Kelly & Andrew return from Hawaii and Japan

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Saito Family News

Update log follows below

2002 Family Picture

Pat, Jenny, Ron

Katy, Andrew, Kelly

Welcome to our Saito Family News site!

Ron, Pat, Kelly and Andrew and Dylan, Jenny, Katy, and Tasha (our female German Shepherd), Roo (our Grey Tabby cat), Killian (Pat's 6 year old male German Shepherd Dog), and Kazar (Pat's 2 year old male German Shepherd puppy) welcome you to the Saito Family News. Ron is maintaining this site and is trying to keep it updated periodically. Please feel free to bookmark this page for future access.

As well as family news, pointers to family websites and email IDs, you'll find personal anecdotes and travel/destination hints, tips and suggestions.

Be sure to visit Tasha and Pat's websites, our Disney's Animal Kingdom, Andrew's & Kelly's Wedding site; Andrew's World of Motion and Disney International Program websites, and feel free to sign the guestbook and send us e-mail.

E-mail addresses:




Family Background Info:

Kelly and Andrew welcomed Dylan on October 31st, 2004 at the Credit Valley Hospital. He weighed in at 7lb 11oz. Everyone is doing well. Kelly's parents, Marion and Kevin, visited from Wales for the happy event. There are some photos on Pat's website.

Pat was re-elected in November 2003 for her fifth three-year term on Mississauga and Peel Regional council as Mississauga Ward 9 Councillor. She won over three opponents with almost 80% of the vote. Her hobby is Schutzhund training Killian and her new puppy Kazar - see Tasha's website; GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Schutzhund and Raw diet posts on the Net.

Andrew worked at the Canadian Pavillion at Walt Disney World's Epcot in Le Cellier Steakhouse restaurant between June 1997 and Sept 98 in the International Program where he met Kelly. He then spent some time in Swansea, Wales and toured western Europe with his fiancee Kelly. In 1999 he worked on the Disney Cruise Lines' Wonder, sailing it from Venice to Southampton to Port Canaveral, then cruising to Nassau/Castaway Cay. In Spring 2000 he worked (with Kelly) in Wales at NTL in Web Tech Support and returned in fall to complete his third year at Laurier. After their wedding, Kelly & Andrew lived with us for awhile until their new home in Milton was completed in fall 2003.

Kelly (nee Lee) is from Swansea, Wales and met Andrew at Disney World in Florida (above). Kelly & Andrew were married on June 6, 2001 in Wales and held a second reception in Mississauga on June 17, 2001. Andrew and Kelly are working at EDS Canada (in different departments/locations).

Jenny completed an animal studies course at Sheridan College, worked at EDS Canada for awhile and took her first year of a Natural Resource Sciences degree at University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops, BC. She has transferred to the University of Waterloo for her second year, which puts her closer to her boyfriend Owen.

Katy worked at the local Kelsey's, Lucy's and Boston Pizza mostly Bartending, and is now taking a Hospitality Management degree at Georgian College in Barrie. She is an RA rhis year at Georgian Res.

Ron's doing independent management consulting, having had to close the divine Toronto office (after a stint in marchFIRST Japan and Korea and USWeb Toronto).

Tasha is our 9 year old German Shepherd, and has retired from obedience, agility, flyball and Schutzhund training - see Tasha's website.

Roo is Jenny's 7 year-old grey tabby kitten and holds his own quite well against the dogs. See his pics on Tasha's website.

Killian is Pat's 6 year old German Shepherd working Dog who has retired from Schutzhund training, having completed his Schutzhund 3. You can check out his pictures on Pat's website, and his arrival is on our August 98 Family news.

Kazar is Pat's new German Shepherd 2 year old puppy. He has just started his training.

updated Nov 2004

Update Log

November, 2004
Updated the site with Dylan's arrival. See Dylan's First Pics and soon 2004 Family Updates

February, 2004
Quick update.

October, 2001
Kelly and Andrew return from Hawaii and Japan (including Tokyo Disney Sea at TDR). See Q4 2001 Family Update

September, 2001
Kelly & Andrew did not get to Denver; Pat & Ron did visit Australia; and Kelly & Andrew started their honeymoon to Hawaii and Japan. See Q3 2001 Family update.

August, 2001
Pat & Ron visited with Killian's father and many other relatives in Bellingham, Washington. See some pics at Killian's dog family pictures.

June 6, 2001
Kelly & Andrew are married in Wales. See their wedding pictures at Kelly & Andy's Wedding Page. They had a second reception in Mississauga on June 17. Kelly's parents, sister and aunt visited Canada at that time. Other family happenings for April/May/June are at Q2 2001 Family update.

May, 2001
Ron returned from Korea (& Japan) after marchFIRST declared bankruptcy. See Q2 Family Update. February, 2001
Pat suffers a tough break, shattering her elbow, requiring extensive surgery to repair it. She did get to visit Japan (& Ron) in late March. These and other family happenings for January/February/March are at Q1 2001 Family update.

December, 2000
Tasha's Disney movie, Murder She Purred, a Mrs Murphy Mystery, is now out on video. Look for the pretty black and tan GSD guard dog with the male German accent. Andrew visits Ron in Japan. See Q4 2000 Family update.

November, 2000
Pat won her fourth municipal term, taking 80% of the vote. See Q4 2000 Family update.

September, 2000
Ron heads off to Tokyo; Andrew starts his last year at Laurier; Pat starts her campaign for re-election. See Q3 2000 Family update.

August 14, 2000
Andrew returns from Wales; Kelly & parents visit; Jenny & Katy's plans; Killian's traing and more - see Q3 2000 Family update.

February, 2000
Andrew starts his next round of cruises on the Disney Wonder. Katy, Jenny, Laura and Ron join his cruise, the 3 day version this time. Andrew heads to Wales to be with Kelly and gets a job with her at NTL. See Q1 2000 Family update.

November, 1999
Andrew cruises with the Wonder; Pat & Ron take a Disney Wonder cruise. See Q4 1999 Update.

August 9, 1999
Andrew's Disney Wonder arrived in Florida; Flyball. See August 1999 News.

July 31, 1999
Jenny camping; Pat's pics at Nationals; Andrew on Disney Wonder and adventures in Venice; Schutzhund club field work. See July 1999 News.

June 6, 1999
Finally updated the website after our trip to Wales. See May/June 1999 News. Ron's new job. Also updated the April events.

April 18, 1999
Andrew surprises Kelly! Pat & Ron head West. See April 1999 News.

March 14, 1999
March Break; Snow; Katy's 16th birthday. See March 99 News.
Andrew & Kelly's France pics on February 99 News.

February 28,1999
Flyball; Kelly returns; Andrew & Kelly to Waterloo and Ottawa; Kelly arrives for a visit.

January 31,1999
Andrew's birthday; Pat's on GTSB; Ron's travels. See Jan 99 News.
New Years celebrations; Snow; Andrew's Announcement!

December 27,1998
Christmas activities and new pics of Tasha and Killian - see December News
Andrew's off to the UK for the holiday; we cut our tree, and the girls have part-time jobs. Also new pics of Killian and Tasha.

Andrew's back from his quick Florida trip and has two new websites up.
If you caught the Wonderful World of Disney's Sunday movie today (Dec 13), Murder She Purred, A Mrs. Murphy Mystery the pretty German Shepherd, Ludwig, is our Tasha. She's the one that pushed the doors open to chase the cat (Mrs Murphy).

November 30,1998
Tasha's flyball team Silver Bullets at the Brampton flyball tournament Nov 28,29. Andrew to Florida/Disney Nov 26. Saito family reunion Nov 22. See November News
Reports; Wayne Newton; Hershey Centre.

October 25, 1998
Puppyfest; Killian grows. See October News
Pat & Ron visit Boston for the WUSV competition.

September 20, 1998
Andrew starts Laurier; Jen & Katy back to Meadowvale Secondary; Killian grows. Check September News.
Kelly visits; Andrew cruises, arrives home; Pat, Ron & dogs to the East Coast Puppy Party (ECPP).

August 1998

Killian arrives! See Saito News August for details.
Killian's pictures are online - click here!

July 31,1998
BULLETIN: Tasha's movie, DOGMATIC, is on CITY-TV Thursday, July 23rd at 9pm!

Pat's birthday; Disney cruise line; Tasha diary.
Website URL for Jenny's Prom dress pictures. Florida wildfire news from Andrew on Saito News July

June 27,1998
Andrew & Kelly visit - pics of family dinner party, more Agility trials, Exams on Saito News June
New Florida pics (Universal, Animal Kingdom) now available.
Click here to go to the updated Animal Kingdom site
Click here to go to the Universal coasters pics

School updates, Agility demos and tournaments, Pat's injury on Saito News June

May 25,1998
Summer, Andrew's pics, flyball. Click here to go to Saito News May
Andrew on vacation; PCw opens; May page starts.

April 26, 1998
Flowers, redecorating, Animal Kingdom update and tracking.
Spring! Andrew on TODAY at Animal Kingdom opening? Pat & Tasha join Schutzhund.

Click here to go to Saito News April
Tree cutting update; consolidated March Pics 1&2 on this site. Put Disney Diary site onto the Animal Kingdom and Disney Rings and other Disney links.
Put up a new site for our Disney experiences, Our Disney Diary with Animal Kingdom preview pics: some from this site plus many new pics.

March 29, 1998
Heatwave update; the Florida gang's weeks.
Updated March break activities: Jenny's cottage adventure; Andrew's new webTV; Pat to Miami; Neil, Vickey & Aisha to Florida.
March break activities, including the Sportsmen's Show flyball tournament.
Added pictures from our Animal Kingdom trip to the March - Pictures pages. They are about 400K and 300K of JPEG files.
Katy, Jenny & Ron's trip to Florida. Started article on our preview visit to Disney's new Animal Kingdom.
Updated Tasha's flyball house league results.

February 28, 1998
Updated February's events to include the Florida tornadoes.
Added this Index/Home page to the website. Updated February news with Andrew's visit home and Tasha's Niagara Falls Agility trials.