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Saito Family News - September

September 20, 1998

Tasha completed her shots; Killian's up to 42 pounds! Check out his pics at Killian's Pics.

Pat & Ron return from Las Vegas. The weather was hot (100 degrees); the slots were not. An amazing building boom along the Strip, with Mandalay Bay, Paris, Bellagio and the Venetian in various stages of completion, and the new Harrahs, Desert Inn and Monte Carlo open.

Andrew started 2nd year at Laurier. He has a furnished apartment near campus. He came back on Wednesday to take Kelly to the airport. She took an Air Transat flight from Pearson to Cardiff Wednesday night, arriving home Thursday morning.

September 13, 1998

Tasha's team "Silver Bullets" ran in the Richmond Hill flyball tournament. They placed 5th of 8 in their division - a good showing. She was running as well as ever, with lots of energy. Killian went along for the ride.

Katy and Jenny started school. Katy hated Italian at first but now wants to continue. Jenny changed some courses and has set her sights on getting great marks.

For the Labour Day weekend, Pat and Ron took Tasha & Killian to Richard and Anka's East Coast Puppy Party (ECPP) near Allentown, PA. See the pictures from this party at: Puppy Party Pics.

September 6,1998

Andrew arrived home with his car completely packed. Of course, the 32" TV filled the back seat. He reported the drive home to be under 18 hours, using I-77/79! He did stop overnight, leaving Wednesday morning and arriving Thursday afternoon.

Pat, Ron, Tasha & Killian are off to the Puppy Party for the Labour Day weekend. See entry above. Killian was at the vet for his final shots just before we left - he's up to 36 pounds.

Pat took Tasha to the vet to have X-rays of her hips. Tasha has some socket wear, so agility (jumping) is out. The vet has started some cartrophen injections to help slow the cartiledge damage. Any jumping activities have been cut back. This might explain her refusals in the trials.

Andrew's last week in Florida was quite eventful. He and friends took the new Disney Cruise to Nassau and Castaway Cay. Then he worked a couple of shifts, then had his leaving party (at the Treetops Treehouses), packed and drove home (see above).