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Family Websites

Family Websites

Our Disney Diary
Our Disney's Animal Kingdom Virtual Tour-updated July, Oct, Dec, Mar99 and Jul00

Epcot: World of Motion
Andrew's World of Motion Memories site

Ride Test Track
Preview ride on Test Track at Epcot

WDW International Program
Andrew's info site on Disney's International Program

Tasha's Sports Page
Tasha & Killian's website

Andrew's Portal
Entry to Kelly & Andrew's Wedding site and WDWIP

Ward 9 Website
Pat's Ward 9 City of Mississauga home page

CoasterCan Website
Photos of Disney and Universal Studios coasters under construction. Ron & Andrew's coaster diaries.

Saito Family News Index

Saito Family News Home page
This page - the Home/Index/Info/Updates page for our News

1998 News

Saito Family News - January 98
Christmas vacation in Florida; trip details

Saito Family News - February 98
Florida tornadoes, Andrew's visit, Florida Favs

Saito Family News - March 98
March break; Preview visit to Animal Kingdom; WDW Hotels

Saito News - March 98 Pics 1 DAK
Personal pics from our Disney's Animal Kingdom trip.

Saito News - March 98 Pics 2 Home
Home pictures from March 21&22 (the snowstorm) +

Saito Family News - April 98

Saito Family News - May 98

Saito Family News - June 98
Pics of family dinner party

Saito Family News - July 98
Jenny's Prom

Saito Family News - August 98
Killian's arrival

Killian's pics
Killian's pictures page - full site. If problems try the split site below

Killian's pics page 1
Alternate Killian picture site - split into 3 pages.

Saito Family News - September 98
Andrew's home; to Laurier. Killian grows.

Saito Family News - October 98
Trip to WUSV in Boston; Puppyfest

Saito Family News - November 98
Halloween, flyball, family reunion; Jenny's job.

Saito Family News - December 98
Andrew's Florida trip; Xmas preparations.

1999 News

Saito Family News - January 99
New Years, Andrew in UK/Paris, Engagement; Snow!

Saito Family News - February 99
Kelly visits

Saito Family News - March 99
March break

Saito Family News - April 99
Andrew surprises Kelly

Saito Family News - May/June 99

Saito Family News - July 99
Pat's big trip; Schutzhund field work; Andrew in Venice.

Saito Family News - August 99
Andrew's back in Florida;

Saito Family News - October/November/December 99
Andrew on Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder

2000 News

Saito Family News - January/February/March 2000
Andrew starts cruising again; Jenny, Katy, Laura & Ron cruise; Andrew to Wales.

Saito Family News - April/May/June 2000
The family visits Wales for the engagement party

Saito Family News - July/August/September 2000
Kelly's parents visit; Ron to Tokyo; Pat's campaign starts

Saito Family News - October/November/December 2000
Pat wins re-election; Ron to Seoul

2001 News

Saito Family News - January/February/March 2001
Pat suffers a tough break

Saito Family News - April/May/June 2001
The wedding; receptions in Wales and Mississauga

Saito Family News - July/August/September 2001
Pat & Ron visit Oz; Kelly & Andrew's honeymoon

Saito Family News - October/November/December 2001
Kelly & Andrew return from Hawaii and Japan

October - November - December 2001

October, 2001

Kelly & Andrew returned from their honeymoon to Hawaii and Japan. Of course they visited the new Disney Seas theme park at Tokyo Disney Resort.

They report that it was quiet in Hawaii - they were the only ones on many of the tours they went on. They spent a few days on Waikiki at the Marriott - the luaus, restaurants, etc were less than half full. On the Big Island at the Hilton Waikoloa resort many of the restaurants were not open. The weather was good for the week.

In Tokyo, they spent the first several days at TDL, at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Seas. They had lots of fun at Disney Seas and spent quite a few thousand yen at the merchandise shops. The rest of the week in Tokyo they explored some of the city - Ginza, Akihabara, Asakusa, Ueno, Shibuya, Odaiba, Makuhara.