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July - August - September 2001

July, 2001
Kelly and Andrew have uploaded quite a few pictures from their wedding and receptions in Wales and Mississauga to the Kelly & Andy's Wedding Page site.
The Kariya city delegation visited Mississauga and opened a new pavilion, bell and statue in Kariya Park. Ron got to practice his Japanese in taking the Kariya Mayor and other politicos to St.Mary's for the Women's Softball World Series to watch Team Japan defeat Team Canada.

August, 2001
Pat and Ron visited Bellingham, Washington to meet Killian's father Major who just retired from the Bellingham PD's K9 unit and several offspring including his half brother Nitro who is currently on the Bellingham PD K9 unit and his half sister Tari. You can see a group picture on Killian's Dog Family picture page.
Kelly's best friend Sara visited Canada and Kelly was able to spend some time with Sara and her friend Sam, who lives in Mississauga.

September, 2001
Katy, Jenny and friends went camping at the Barrie KOA for the Labour day weekend - and came back early.
Andrew had business in Denver, and he and Kelly were on an Air Canada flight on the runway waiting to take off on the morning of September 11th. Their flight was called back and they were told what had just transpired in the US, and never got to Denver.
Pat & Ron went to Sydney and Brisbane, Australia in mid September. Three days in Sydney, one on the Gold Coast and 6 days in Brisbane. It's Spring in Oz and the weather was sunny and warm the whole time. We had a great time doing some sightseeing, eat fresh tropical fruit (bananas, pineapple, mango), visit Koalas, Kangaroos and Wombats, and shopping - especially in the markets in Sydney.
Kelly & Andy finally had their honeymoon, spending 8 days in Hawaii (2 on Oahu and 6 on Hawaii/Big Island then 6 days in Japan in Tokyo visiting with June and the new Disney Seas park at TDL.

Pat, Ron & Koala

at Lone Pines Koala Sanctuary, near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia