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Saito Family News - October

October 25, 1998

"Puppyfest", the Meadowvale off-leash puppy club's festival, was held on Oct 18 at Quinippinon park in Central Erin Mills. Pat made puppy liver treats for the bake sale table, and also puppy tugs for the dog park agility equipment fund. As well, she set up an agility course for the dogs and ran several demos. Flyball, Superdogs and booths were also set up:

Katy and Jenny dropped in to check the food booth:

Andrew's started working at the "King Street Trio" restaurant in Kitchener as a server, and has quickly taken on a good part-time job at this steak house+. He's saving up for a trip to Disney World (November) and to Wales (December).

Killian continues to grow. At 5 months, he's over 50 lbs. His right ear is always up, and his left ear is mostly up, except for the tip:

October 4, 1998

Pat and Ron spent a long weekend in Boston at the German Shepherd World Schutzhund competition. The eleventh Worlds, this was the first in North America and was held at White Stadium in Franklin Park, Boston. Not the best part of town, and very little onsite parking. We stayed 15 miles south, in Rockland. Teams and fans from around the world were all over the Boston area. See Pat's WUSV Pics & Report

Andrew is settling into his new apartment in Waterloo, and is looking for a good part-time restaurant job locally. Jack Astor's is the only offer so far.

Killian continues to grow, and eats everything in sight. Tasha and Roo are settling into a routine with him.

Currently Katy and Jenny continue to have regular classes at Meadowvale Secondary, however the rumours of a teachers' strike continue.

October 1, 1998

Pat's newest site is now up: North Halton Schutzhund Club where Tasha does tracking and Schutzhund obedience.

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