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Saito Family News - November

November 30, 1998

Andrew and his friend Chris Guse headed for Florida on Canada 3000 for the US Thanksgiving weekend along with several other Canadians. They stayed around Disney (of course) and visited the park (of course) and lots of friends. Pictures to come.

Tasha's flyball team Silver Bullets ran in the huge Brampton tournament (92 teams) on Saturday and Sunday (see Tasha's sports page for details about flyball and the team). Pat is her handler, and Ron is the boxloader. No ribbons, but the team ran very well.

November 22, 1998

Ron's Uncle Tom and Aunt Betty organized a Saito family reunion dinner, with representatives from most of the second generation (Nisei) in attendance, along with their kids (Sansei) in the Southern Ontario area in attendance for a pot luck dinner. Ron and Andrew attended and contributed a Caesar salad and shrimp in lobster sauce. Will try to post a picture shortly.

November 8, 1998

Pat and Ron attended the Mayor's Gala, courtesy John and June Rogers. Wayne Newton was the special headliner, and he put on an excellent show, despite his pneumonia.
Jenny's interim report card had mixed results, from D to A (Physics!). Katy's was also mixed, with mostly B's and A's except for math and french.
Andrew's been staying in Waterloo most weekends, working at the restaurant.
Chris and Andrew will be heading for Florida on Canada 3000 over the US Thanksgiving weekend. They got the $129 special airfare!

November 1, 1998

Flyball house league started on November 1st - Tasha's psyched but needs to improve her times. Several new dogs are running with us. Killian stayed home - we'll have to ease him into this frenzy.
Halloween was relatively quiet again this year, with about 100 kids at the door. The weather was reasonable - dry and about 43 F. Katy and Lilly did most of the handouts.
Pat made an on-ice appearance with the other Councillors and Mayor Hazel at the opening Mississauga Ice Dogs game and official Hershey Centre opening on October 30.