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Saito Family News - May/June 1999

June 13, 1999

Photos from our Wales trip will be available soon.
Andrew and Kelly are taking a charter from London to Orlando for a week's vacation, to visit WDW, Universal and the beach.

June 6, 1999

Pat, Ron and Tasha's Flyball team, Silver Bullets, disbanded after the weekend. Most of the team has joined Who's on First? to help form a second team with them. Silver Bullets finished the weekend's tournament, in Caledonia, in third place in the division! The heat is on - temperatures are in the 80's (30s) and are forecast to stay above average for a while. A bit uncomfortable for humans and dogs.
Ron started a new job, as e-commerce partner with USWeb/CKS Canada in downtown Toronto. He's learning the Meadowvale GO Train schedule. The company's website is at

May 30, 1999

Pat, Ron, Jenny and Katy returned home from London on the British Airways late evening flight. A good flight (better than the one over), reasonable service, and arriving home at 1am Saturday lets you get a good long sleep. Roo was very happy to see us (though Laura probably spoiled him). We picked up Tasha and Killian from Redwood. They're in good shape (a little heavier), but hoarse from barking.

May 29, 1999

We spent two days sightseeing around London. With transit passes, we took trains and tubes and visited Madame Toussaud's (thanks to Andrew!), Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Oxford St, Trafalgar Square, Windsor Castle (by car), and a London area Costco
Drove from Swansea to London on Thursday with Andrew, who was going to London for his physical exams for the Cruise Line, via Birmingham. Why? Because we stopped at the Cadbury Chocolate World (Factory Store) in Bournemouth. Unfortunately the tour had closed two hours early that day, but there was lots of chocolate in the store.
Toured a bit of South Wales this week - Swansea, Mumbles, Tenby - some castles, some shopping and a lot of pubs.
Susan and Terry held a barbeque at their house. Lots to eat and drink. It was the FAA cup final (Manchester vs Germany, in Spain), so the TV was on (Manchester won in an amazing finish in the last 3 minutes).
The Queen was in Wales on Tuesday and Wednesday to open the Welsh parliament (in Cardiff), just to add to our visit.
Pat, Ron, Kelly and Andrew drove to Burnley to the Pendelfin factory, and to Blackpool (for roller coasters and rock).

May 23, 1999

The engagement party on Sunday night was "quite a party!" There were probably 80 people - many of them were aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives. A good night of drink, food and music.
We slept most of Friday, and spent Saturday around Swansea.
The British Airways flight on Thursday night was a little bumpy in places, and most of us didn't get much sleep. We arrived at Heathrow a little late and it took us a while to get the car (a Toyota Avena wagon)- Ron had some trouble finding reverse. We drove west for several hours on the Motorway and finally met Andrew and Kelly at Bridgend's Services (near the factory outlet mall). We followed them to Kelly's house and met her parents (Kevin and Marion), and went to dinner with them later.

May 17, 1999

Pat and Killian spent the weekend at a training seminar in Stayner.
Packing was the task for the week, and getting Tasha and Killian's food prepared, portioned and frozen for their stay at Redwood Kennel while we are away.
Jenny turned 19 on May 14, and of course she visited the liquor store to celebrate.