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Saito Family News - May

May 25, 1998

Andrew sent up a package with several photos - the new Canadian Pavillion cast costumes (see below); an autographed T-Shirt from the Gary Puckett concert at Epcot (May 17-20) - see below; and photos from the media opening day at Animal Kingdom - see Our Disney Diary site.

May 24, 1998

Pat, Tasha & Ron were in Hagarsville, Ont for the weekend for a flyball tournament. Finished tied for third in a new (faster) division. Gave some of the established teams a run for their money. Did you know that Hagarsville/Caledonia (pop 8,000) has more beer and liquor stores than Meadowvale (pop 60,000)?

Our May weather has been almost summer-like, rather than the typical "don't plant until May 24th because of possible ground frost". Pat bought her flats of annuals a couple of weeks earlier than usual. Yes, I finally got rid of the tree stump (look back on our diary to when I started it - in April?). It took two chain saw chains and a lot of hacking and slashing.

Katy's been to Wonderland again, on Sun May 17th for the Victoria Day fireworks. It took Ron TWO HOURS to get from the 400 exit at Major Mackenzie THREE kilometers to the Passenger Pick-up area! The only good part was that Ron had Pat's convertible and the midnight weather was still 'top down' temperatures and the Beach Boys Greatest Hits was on the CD player.

Andrew reported that Vegas was still growing, and that the attractions - especially Star Trek: The Experience at the Hilton were spectacular. They stayed at Treasure Island and visited up and down the Strip - New York, New York for the Manhattan Express coaster, Luxor, MGM Grand's Theme Park, World of Coke, Caesar's Palace (the new 3D Omnimax), Rio Suites (the Best Buffet in Vegas), Circus Circus (Grand Slam Canyon; the new Casino & entrance), Stratosphere's Big Shot - and lots more to come.

Disneyland is undergoing major change, with the new Tomorrowland completed in the park, and construction started on the new area (California Adventure), with motels, parking lots and roads all being moved and re-built.

May 10, 1998

Sincere apologies to our regular readers - I've had a couple of very busy weeks and haven't had a chance to update this site.

The "Our Disney Diary: Animal Kingdom Virtual Tour" site has had a new section added - a full size scan of the Animal Kingdom park Guidebook. That site has had over 1600 hits since April 4th!

Pat, Ron & Paul were at the Mississauga Pet Fair on May 3rd at the Valleys Arena. Pat & Tasha did demonstrations of Flyball and Agility. Paul Smith, our houseguest from Halifax (see Tasha's GSD site for Hassa), helped as well.

Pat spend May 9 & 10 helping the North Halton Schutzhund club running their first Schutz trials. They brought over a judge from Germany, who will be running a seminar next weekend.

Jenny & Katy got their Paramount Canada's Wonderland (PCW) season's passes, and Katy went on May 9th (cheerleader day) with Tiffany. Nothing much new at the park except that Kiddieland has been rebuilt with some new kiddy rides.

Andrew took a few days off and went with Kelly to Las Vegas and Disneyland California. We should have some more highlights of his trip by next weekend's update.

Le Cellier - New Costumes

Here are the Canadian Pavillion's Le Cellier Restaurant cast members in their new Canadian "Lumberjack" costumes:

And here is Andrew and a Friend in their Canadian duds:

Pat's newest T-shirt, autographed by Gary Puckett at his Epcot concert: