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Saito Family News - March 1999

March Break
Andrew and Kelly's pictures from France are now on News - Feb 99

March 21, 1999

The four-legged family visited the vet; Roo for his exam and shots; Killian and Tasha for weight checks - Killian's up to 68 lbs (gained 5); Tasha's down to 72 lbs (lost 2). This natural food, high bone diet seems to be working.

March 14, 1999

It's March Break. The weather reminds us of the Storm of 95. Myrtle Beach is cool and cloudy; I-75 through Kentucky was closed yesterday due to snow. And it's above freezing and sunny since last Friday here!
Katy's taking the March Break driving course at Meadowvale; Jenny's relaxing. Pat's taking a few days off. Andrew's at Laurier, hopefully studying a bit and working a bit. He needs to save some money.
Last weekend's snow was another half a foot here - and almost three feet in Fredericton, New Brunswick! Ron was in St. John's,NF and Saint John,NB this week; St.John's hasn't had any snow to mention all winter! Saint John had freezing rain on top of 6" of snow, which caused quite a mess at the airport.

March 4, 1999

Katy turned 16 today! She celebrated by applying for and getting her learner's permit, then went out to dinner with some friends. She's having a midnight bowling party on the upcoming weekend.