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Killian's Puppy Pics

August 10, 1998:

Argon vom Haus Johann Dale, aka Killian's Irish Red,
an 11 week old German Shepherd, arrives at Mississauga's Pearson Airport at 4:50pm on Air Canada from Seattle. He's been in his crate since 6:30am Pacific time - over 7 hours - and he's not free yet.

He spends his first 3 hours on Air Canada's Cargo dock patiently waiting while Pat, Ron, Jenny and Harold try to get the paperwork completed (see Saito News August):

Finally the paperwork is completed, after 8pm, and Pat gets to meet him:

And he gets a chance to stretch his legs:

Unfortunately, there's no grass in the area, and he didn't want to relieve himself on the gravel:

So we put him back in his crate, in the car, and drove home. Finally at about 8:45pm, 11 hours after he started his journey, he arrived at his new home. He took a good long pee and rolled in the grass:

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Killian's Links

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