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Saito Family News - June

June 27, 1998

Andrew & Kelly visited for the weekend, so we had a family dinner party on Sunday with: Vickey, Neil, Aisha and her friend Mikkela; Arlene, Jim, Jacquie and Nick; Aunt Frances and George (Ron's dad). Pictures below.
Andrew had rented a Hertz car one-way through their Florida North special, and they visited Pedro's SOB in South Carolina; Washington, DC; and Cedar Point, Ohio on the way up. They did some shopping and sightseeing here, and attended the Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire on Saturday. They flew back from Buffalo, where they dropped off the car after 1700 miles, on Monday.

Tasha & Pat had an agility trial in Milton. Saturday was a good day, with Tasha Qualifying in NADAC Agility and Jumpers. Sunday wasn't as good - they were probably both tired.

Katy & Jenny got their report cards. Katy did very well graduating from Grade 9; Jenny hasn't shown me her Grade 12 report card yet, however she will be attending summer school.

Jenny's prom is coming up this week, and she's been making hair and makeup appointments and shopping for her shoes, handbag, jewellery, etc. Pat spent a lot of time in the last couple of months making her dress - see the pictures on the July update.

June 13, 1998

Pat & Tasha went to Williamsport,PA (yes, home of the Little League World Series) for the weekend to compete in an AKC (American Kennel Club) Agility trial. Ron drove, and visited a couple of Roller Coasters in the area (Knoebels and Dorney Park).

Katy has finished her exams. Jenny has one more to go.

June 7,1998

Ron visited Andrew in Orlando for the weekend, and had another chance to visit Animal Kingdom. More pictures from this visit will be on the Disney Diary site in a week or so.

Pat bunged up her arm - a hairline fracture - during a training class - she tripped in the field and took the fall on her arm. Very painful, bruised and in a sling.

Pat & Tasha demonstrated Flyball and Agility at a school in Lockport, with Nancy, Richard, Harold and Brian. Nancy's mom is a volunteer at the school and arranged to have the classes watch the demos as part of their animal awareness week.

June Pictures

Andrew and Kelly's visit: Family dinner party

Kelly and Andrew:

Uncle Jim, Aunt Vickey (with Aisha's friend Michaela), Uncle Neil and Aisha:

Jacquie, Nick, Uncle Jim, Aisha:

Aunt Vickey, Aunt Frances, Auntie Arlene:

Granda George, Pat:

Katy, Jacquie:

Some eating:

Some pool time:

And a preview of Jenny's Prom dress: