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Saito Family News - July 1999

July 31, 1999

Jenny and Laura went camping for the long weekend in Alliston. They forgot to check the tent bag for poles and pegs :-) and ended up buying a small tent at the local Canadian Tire.

Pat is the website photographer for the Canadian German Shepherd Nationals and has been leaving at 5:30 am with the trials starting at 6:30am. You can check out the pics at National trial and clicking on the dogs' names.
Andrew and Kelly met in Southampton when Disney Wonder docked for a promotional visit. He should be arriving in Port Canaveral next week after their cross-Atlantic sailing.

July 18, 1999

Pat and Ron spent another weekend at the North Halton Schutzhund club field. This time it was putting up a storage shed. You can see the pics on Schutzhund club shed.

July 10, 1999

Pat had a rough week - she fell on Monday and sprained both of her ankles. She's on crutches and both feet are swollen and bruised.

Kelly updated us on Andrew's second week in Venice: "telling me about how much fun he's having, and also moaning about all the mosquito bites he's got, because the docks are swarming with them. Of course he does insist that there is also hard work involved. From the docks they can actually see down in to Venice, Andy said even from a long distance it is beautiful. He went into Venice yesterday with some friends, and he absolutely loves it. They took a gondola ride, and I gather he took loads and loads of pictures because he kept saying how pretty it was. On the work side, he said it has been hard especially because the ship isn't ready, he's been cleaning the restaurant from head to toe, starting at 6.00 am."

Jenny tried Summer school English but didn't like the curriculum, so decided to drop it. She's slumming and somewhat bored.

July 1, 1999

Happy Canada Day! Pat and Ron spent the day with Killian and Tasha putting up a carport canopy, cutting grass and running the dogs at the North Halton Schutzhund club.

Kelly emailed us after she heard from Andrew after his first week in Venice on the Disney Wonder. "He seems quite settled and enjoying himself. He said that the foods good,lots of friendly faces from Epcot, and the ship is amazing (I think he'd say that anyway?). At the moment he isn't sharing his room, and he doesn't know what nationality his room-mate will be or when he'll turn up. I think he's a little disappointed in the area, he did say that it wasn't very pretty." He'll have some time off when the ship docks in Southampton around July 21st and will be able to visit Kelly.

Katy's spending almost all the time at Jen's, doing a little work at Canadian Summers Restaurant, and coming home to do her laundry.