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Saito Family News - January 1999

Happy New Year!

January 24, 1999

Andrew returned to this side of the 'pond' on January 11th. He said the flight service on Air Canada was better than on the trip over. Yes, he gave Kelly an engagement ring at Disneyland Paris on Jan 5th! No date set yet - they will wait a while. His first term marks were very good, and he came back for his birthday on Jan 30th.
Snow shovelling has become our daily exercise; the snow was high enough that we were running out of places to put it. Then the weather warmed up, and Ron and Andrew had to shovel it off the roofs at the back of the house!
Killian finally decided that snow was fun stuff, the way that Tasha has always felt.

January 10, 1999

Pat's cold wasn't getting much better, so she went to the doctor and is on antibiotics. The rest of us are OK. Killian's up to 62 pounds - average for a 7 month old GSD. The girls have been sledding most evenings, and took a pile of Canadian Tire coupons to buy 5 more crazy carpets.

Andrew and Kelly headed for Disneyland Paris on Tuesday Jan 5th. It's his last week there.
We finally had a real snowfall; in fact it was one of the largest in the past two decades, with over 16" or 40 cm of snow between Saturday Jan 2 at 2pm and Sunday Jan 3 at 8am. We were lucky, with a single plow pass by 9am, and Katy was able to get to work at 10am after Jenny & Ron cleared the driveway.
Killian wasn't too certain about all the snow. In fact he cried when his tummy was right in the snow. Tasha played rabbit, hopping through it.
Ron cleared the other half of the garage so that Andrew's car (with the repainted front bumper) is protected while he's away; first time since he left for Florida that two cars have been in!

Ron and Pat went to Aunt Frances' house on Jan 3rd for a family New Years' dinner. She made all kinds of great food, including jumbo tempura shrimps, sushi, chow mein, teriyaki salmon, bbq duck and much more. It was worth the trip to Richmond Hill! My dad, Aunt Suzi, Michael, Jen; Vickey, Aisha, Neil; Arlene, Jacquie, Nick and Jim were also there.

January 2, 1999

Andrew said they had a great New Year's Eve party at a manor house nearby. A five course dinner, then a party! Ron and Pat went to Carmen's friend Sebastion's new place in Streetsville and ate, played a few games (Tribond, etc), ate and had a pleasant celebration with lots to eat. Jenny and Katy were out at friends' places until about 2 am. Tasha, Killian and Roo had to celebrate the New Year by themselves.
Pat's still carrying a bad cold; in fact she wasn't able to get to the Mayor's Levy because of it.