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Saito Family News - December 1998

Season's Greetings to All!

At this holiday time, we'd like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you've enjoyed following our family's adventures this year and that you'll join us again in 1999.

December 27,1998

We talked with Andrew on Christmas day - it took almost an hour to get an open phone line to Wales. He's having a good time, and has done some touring around South Wales, but not much shopping - prices are high. He's been to their local membership club (Macro), and quite a few local pubs with Kelly. Weather there is rainy and cool.
We had Vickey, Neil and Aisha and Aunt Frances here for Xmas dinner and made a reasonable dent on the 21 pound bird (lots of leftovers in the freezer for Andrew). Tasha and Killian enjoyed opening their presents and especially their turkey neck dinner. Their pics are on Tasha's December Pix.
Katy and Jenny seem to have received most everything on their Xmas lists and are doing clothes shopping at the Boxing Day sales. Katy's been putting in a lot of hours at Subway. Jenny's only had a few shifts at Highland Farms.
Pat and Ron have had Killian and Tasha at our Battleford Leash Free park most days to give them exercise. Weather is below zero at night and around zero daytime, but no more snow.

December 20,1998

Andrew finished his exams on Dec 17 and flew off to the U.K. on Dec 18 to be with Kelly in Wales for Christmas and New Year's.
Katy's doing well at Subway - she's put in a lot of hours this week in her new job, and her manager has told her that she's a good worker.
We cut our spruce tree from a farm near Pat's Schutzhund club - Jenny & Killian picked this after walking all of the farm.

And the weather finally turned cooler; we had our first light dusting of snow earlier this week, and night temperatures are below freezing.

December 13,1998

Jenny's continuing to put in several shifts a week at Highland Farms in the produce department doing back room prep.
Katy's been hired by Subway at Erin Mills Town Centre and started training today.
Pat's at the International CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) conference in Washington, D.C. and Ron went along. This left Katy and Jenny to take care of Tasha and Killian. I think there was considerable discussion about who was doing poop scooping.

If you caught the Disney Sunday "Wonderful World of Disney" premiere movie on ABC or CBC tonight (December 13), Murder She Purred, a Mrs. Murphy Mystery, there were two German Shepherds in it. The lighter coloured (and prettier) one - Ludwig - was our very own Tasha! Pat and Tasha worked on this in August with Sherry and her Rawley (the other Shepherd, who played Amadeus). Did you catch Tasha/Ludwig's last line in the movie "I'll be back!". We're hoping that this means a sequel.

Killian's growing into a handsome guy:

You can see how much he's grown when he's with Tasha:

December 6, 1998

Andrew returned from five days in Florida at Disney with Chris and other friends. He revisited his haunts and took a lot of photos for his new websites - Remembering Epcot's World of Motion pavillion, and All about Walt Disney World's International Program.

The weather has remained 'late summer like', with this week being in the 60s! Golfers are happy; skiers aren't.

Ron finally put up the Christmas lights on the house. Icicles this year (of course).

And Christmas shopping frenzy has hit. Jenny, Katy and Pat have their lists, and with Andrew heading for the UK in a couple of weeks, we're getting his presents early.