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Saito Family News - August

Sunday Aug 30, 1998

More of Killian's pics are up on his own page: click here for more Killian pics

Ron, Katy and her friend Jen went to Buffalo to pick up Kelly (Andrew's girlfriend). After completing their Disney Epcot assignment, Kelly and Karen were touring the west coast (LA, SF, Las Vegas) and New York City. Karen headed home to Wales and Kelly's visiting us until she heads home in mid September.

Sunday Aug 16, 1998

Note that due to the number of JPG pictures (20+), an alternative picture site with three pages has been set up - click here for Killian's Pics Page 1 of 3

Killian is settling in well, and we're puppy-proofing the house. We've built a backyard run for him, since he's into exploring. Yesterday he tried walking on the pool's solar cover and went for a dip. Later he jumped in after Jenny urged him into the pool. He does swim well but keeps his eyes shut.

Tasha and Pat were at Annette's this weekend for a NADAC Agility trial. Saturday was another non-motivated day for Tasha.

Friday Killian went to the vet for his next shots. He weighed in at 30 pounds - apparently in the high end of the normal range for 12 week old male German Shepherds.

Monday Aug 10, 1998

Killian's Day! Our new puppy (11 weeks old) had his first big adventure, flying in from Seattle. The day was extra long for him - from 6:30am Pacific through to 8:15pm Eastern by the time all of the paperwork was done, including 7 hours on the Air Canada flight and misplaced paperwork. Yes, between United (Air Canada's agent in Seattle) and Air Canada, they managed to lose the original vet papers AND a photocopy of them. So when he arrived at Pearson at 5pm, his Vet paperwork didn't - and we couldn't get him released by Agriculture Canada until Moc fax'd a second copy to them, two hours later (lucky she had a second copy). Poor guy had been in the crate almost 11 hours.
He's settled into his new home very quickly. Tasha mothers him, and Roo is trying to figure him out.

His first pictures here are on Killian's picture page
Please note that if this page doesn't load, it may be due to the number of JPG files. Try using this optional entry that has the pictures divided into three pages: Killian's picture page 1 of 3

His breeder and heritage are on Click here and look for Argon

Sun Aug 9, 1998

Pat & Tasha went to a NADAC (North America Dog Agility) competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the weekend. Tasha wasn't motivated, and lost concentration on most of her runs. Ron, the driver, did manage to get to Muskegon,MI to ride Shivering Timbers, the new wood coaster at Michigan's Adventure. Two Thumbs Up!

Andrew had his own adventure - he went skydiving (Tandem), and had a blast over Titusville. He has a video of it. He's also playing with his new SLR - a Canon Elan II. Hopefully we'll see some more pictures of his last month in Florida. Kelly's finished at Epcot and has headed off with Karen to tour California for several weeks.

Mon Aug 3, 1998

Katy returned from a week+ at Jen's cottage. She had a good time, despite the weather (rain) and managed to get a burn just before coming home.
Jenny's summer school English mark was quite good; one of the better marks in the class. Now she's just 'slumming', waiting for her OAC year to start in September.