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Saito Family News - April 1999

Andrew and Kelly's pictures from France are on News - Feb 99

April 26, 1999

Andrew flew to London again, this time on Virgin Airlines (from New York's Kennedy). He was late arriving at Kennedy, and ended up being upgrated to their business class! He got to Kelly's place in fine shape!

April 18, 1999

Katy attended her friend's mom's wedding reception on Saturday night. She got all dressed up:

She had a good interim report - her marks are up in all subjects!

Pat's North Halton Schutzhund Club moved training fields to a new site just north of Acton.
Ron and Pat spent most of the past week out West: Pat in Victoria, Seattle and the Vancouver area; Ron in Vancouver (and visiting Gary, Lorna and Kelly in Kamloops). The drive up takes you through three mountain passes - all still had huge snowbanks. With all the snow still on the mountains, there is a strong flood danger.

April 11, 1999

Andrew returned after visiting Kelly for a week. Yes, she was surprised to see him. He had an interesting return flight - he changed planes in Rejavak and saw Iceland's glaciers.
Ron ran Tasha at our Flyball house league tournament. Our team came in 7th of 8 in our division.
Our snow-mound in the center of our court finally melted completely this week. Good riddance!

April 4, 1999

Andrew and Chris headed down to New York City on Friday for some sightseeing, photo ops and so that Andrew could catch an Icelandair flight to London to surprise Kelly on her birthday.